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About GuruHits

by Joe Savelberg

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The idea of the GuruHits music quiz started sometime in 1997. As mentioned on the previous page, I love music a lot and created my own music compilations with my favorite songs from the CD's which I bought.

After a while, I knew the compilations inside out and could tell the name of the song and the artist by listening to the first few beats of the song. The idea for the quiz was born.

I had already some experience in writing interactive games from my LoveTest site. I wanted to take a similar approach for the music game. However I needed to sort out the legal requirements first for using song clips on the web. This turned out to be the most time-consuming and also most expensive part of the whole project.

My lawyers eventually advised me to get in touch with SABAM, the musical rights organization here in Belgium. At that time, SABAM hadn't gotten any guidelines and pricing for online music usage. It took them more than a year to get back to me with their idea of music royalties for my interactive game.

Programming the game and back-end database took me about 2 weeks, especially as the quiz should work on all platforms (such as webtv) and with all major browsers. I tested GuruHits with 10 different browsers and operating systems (through Microsoft's VirtualPC) and it seemed to work ok.

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It took me quite some time to put the songs into the database. Also converting the song clips was only possible after I convinced the programmers at AudioEase (makers of Barbabatch - a sound conversion program) that I needed a way to automatically extract short clips from a huge collection of songs. The game is written in Apple's HyperCard and combined with Maxum Development's NetCloak HTML programming language.

The final contract with SABAM was signed after I showed them a working prototype of my game. Since then they revised their pricing structure which prompted me to make some changes to the game to comply with the new situation.

The GuruHits Music Game was finally launched on September 20th, 2001. Start Playing

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